Ambulance BD is the state of the art ambulance service provider in Dhaka

Help Line: 01911767635

Ambulance BD is the sister concern of Al Amin Ambulance

You count on us, we keep our promise

You count on us

Ambulance BD is the most reliable ambulance service you can ever find in Dhaka city. We understand that each patient’s life is valuable, so we step forward to provide the patient with urgent care. The sooner you rush a patient to the hospital, the better it will be for the chances of complications are minimal.

We have trained our drivers in a way so that they can easily manage to reach your location on time. They know all the shortcut routes that might come in handy while on an emergency. Plus, they will ensure the patient and the attendants reach safely to the hospital or home. We believe that everyone deserves equal treatment, so we offer care and transportation without discrimination.

Our ambulances are well-equipped with all the necessary equipment to tackle the patient’s condition before reaching the hospital. There’s a clean and comfortable bed, stretcher, wheelchair, free oxygen cylinder, first aid kit, and a trained paramedic in every ambulance.

Not only that, but our ICU ambulances feature an excellent facility to cater to the needs of severely ill patients. Our ambulances never lack any equipment, without which a patient’s health deteriorates. So, you can rest assured of our service.

When you are in dire need, call us immediately! Our control center will dispatch an ambulance located near you right after the phone call. Because we know accidents are unpredictable, we are always ready to serve you as soon as possible.

We never ignore a patient’s phone call during rainstorms, lockdown, curfews, or other unavoidable circumstances. We do not even temporarily close our service during the holidays so that you can reach us anytime. Our goal is to provide your loved one with excellent care, considering them part of our family.

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