Ambulance BD is the state of the art ambulance service provider in Dhaka

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Ambulance BD is the sister concern of Al Amin Ambulance

Wheelchair service

Wheel Chair

The wheelchair service provides high-quality and comfortable wheelchairs for patients that have limited body mobility. There are many situations in which a patient might need urgently a wheelchair. In some cases, the person with disabilities has to be removed from his apartment to go for a walk in the park or to be transported to the hospital for a medical investigation. It might also be that a healthy person suffers a serious injury and needs to be taken to the hospital but can’t walk on his own. This ambulance service that is located in Bangladesh offers modern and fully equipped wheelchairs ensuring that patients feel good while transported from one place to another. A special ambulance car brings the chair fast to those that are in need of it, reducing waiting time and additional struggling.

The wheelchair service offers only highly functional and comfortable vehicles for disabled people. The seats are extremely soft and make a pleasure any trip, removing pain and discomfort. The wheels rotate excellently, and the patient does not need to put additional effort to make the vehicle move. The wheelchairs offered by this ambulance service in Bangladesh are not so heavy, helping the patient to move easily and save energy for longer trips. Turning the wheelchair left or right is also easy. The maneuverable wheels can switch directions without much effort. The backseat is soft and smooth, allowing the patient to rest his body for achieving maximum relaxation and avoid back pain. The ambulance service offers wheelchairs of different sizes. In this way, people of any body type can use this service. Skinny patients have access to small chairs to ensure that they reach the wheels to drive easily. Patients that have big body mass receive larger wheelchairs to ensure that they don’t feel discomfort while moving.

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