Ambulance BD is the state of the art ambulance service provider in Dhaka

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Ambulance BD is the sister concern of Al Amin Ambulance



Everyone knows the importance of ambulance services. When you are in critical condition, ambulance services are life-saving. Oxygen cylinders are one of the most important tools to have. Oxygen cylinders allow compressed gas to be released from the portable tank. The high pressure of the tank allows oxygen to be forced out of the cylinder. This type of pressure release allows oxygen to be delivered to a mask or nasal cannula. Oxygen cylinders are essential for ambulances and health care providers in Bangladesh. Oxygen keeps patients alive and helps them survive critical situations.

Our ambulance services are ready-to-go 24/7, around the clock. We can easily transport a patient from one health care center/ hospital to another. Our ambulance vehicles are equipped with all the essentials needed, including oxygen cylinders. We always have the right supplies on-hand to provide life-saving services. Our large ambulance has oxygen masks, oxygen cylinders the right oxygen type. Not only do our drivers know the area well, but they also make sure they transport quickly, as time is of the essence.

If you’re in need of the best ambulance services in Bangladesh, we have you covered. Oxygen is absolutely essential for health and well-being. When a patient does not receive enough oxygen, they can become critically ill and the situation is often fatal. This is why we are fully equipped with the best-in-class oxygen cylinders. We ensure our tools meet high standards for the health care industry. Our cylinders can be easily hooked up to oxygen masks for delivering a consistent flow of oxygen. Our oxygen tanks are always on-board and ready to go when we make ambulance stops. We never pick up a patient without a full supply of oxygen. We ensure our commitment to excellence, providing the highest quality ambulance services in Bangladesh. Choosing the right service is very important.

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