Ambulance BD is the state of the art ambulance service provider in Dhaka

Help Line: 01911767635

Ambulance BD is the sister concern of Al Amin Ambulance

Our Super Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

Low Cost Ambulance

Low-cost ambulances are very important for developing countries. Providing life-saving medical care to everyone is a human right. This is why we provide the highest quality, low-cost ambulances. Residents of Bangladesh will have access to the emergency ambulance services they need. Low-cost ambulances are the perfect solution for rural areas or developing communities.

Our ambulances are always equipped with the tools and supplies necessary to provide life-saving medicine. We transport patients to the nearest health care center or hospital. We are ready to go, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always available. Our drivers know the best shortcuts in the city. We understand time is the top priority when transporting patients. Even a few minutes has the ability to save someone’s life.

This is why our drivers are trained, professional, and know the city well. Often times, cities can become jammed due to traffic. Our skilled drivers always remain safe while taking the shortest route possible. We keep your patients safe and comfortable on their way to the health care center or hospital.

Our ambulances always have essential tools such as oxygen masks, wheelchairs, cardio monitors, suction machines, ventilators, infusion pumps, stretchers, life-saving mediators, and a paramedic helper. Our bed and pillows are best-in-class, for patient’s comfort in the ambulance.

Our low-cost ambulances are important for saving lives. Our ambulances are large enough to accommodate 8 or 9 passengers. We believe in excellent service and are committed to providing life-saving care daily. Our ambulance staff is always friendly, kind, and ready to help.

We only work with the best medics and drivers. We believe each patient deserves excellent care, even in a low-cost ambulance. We are ready at any moment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Select the best ambulance care for your patients.

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