Ambulance BD is the state of the art ambulance service provider in Dhaka

Help Line: 01911767635

Ambulance BD is the sister concern of Al Amin Ambulance

Are you looking for a half-rent ambulance service?

half-rent ambulance

Ambulance BD proudly offers our services at an affordable price to make them accessible to everyone. We aim to provide the best service on time instead of making profits. So, if you’re looking for half -rent, then we offer that as well!

For example, one of our ambulances has gone to Chapainawabganj from Dhaka. There the driver dropped a patient at his or her destination. At that moment, our control room received an urgent phone call from a gentleman residing in Natore. He informed that there’s a patient there that he wanted to transport to Tangail.

A few minutes after his phone call, we received another call from someone in Tangail saying that he wanted to carry a patient from Tangail to Dhaka. We then observed the location of our ambulance driver through GPRS.

We informed the ambulance driver in Chapainawabganj to pick a patient from Natore and drop the person in Tangail. Also, to pick another patient from Tangail and carry the person to Dhaka. In this way, you are getting half the fare.

Please note that our prices for AC, non-AC, ICU, and freezer ambulances are not the same.

We may not get in touch every day nor week but at least in a month. Call our control room help center:

If you want to receive a message from us, let us know your name or where you are from. Even if you are bored of getting messages, then let us know that too and we will delete your number.

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