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Don’t be fooled! Warning for all

When you look up for an ambulance service in Google, you see several results. Before scrolling down, you may be tempted to click on the paid ads in the hope of getting a reliable service. But, are they that reliable?

The answer is, not all of them should be trusted. There are some fraudsters who, despite not owning an ambulance, spend money on Google Ads to promote their service. While it’s easy to fall for their marketing tactics, it’s also easy to avoid them in the first place.

But how can you tell whether they are real or fake? You can ask the service provider if there will be a company logo on the vehicle’s body. If they say yes, then it’s real, and if not, then it’s fake.

Often fake ambulance service providers sign an agreement with real companies for earning money. They tell those actual companies that if they print the fake company’s name on one side of the vehicle, they will be getting more trips. In return, they earn a commission for each journey from the real company.

Dear valuable client, those third-party services do not own any ambulance. When you call them, they will send you an ambulance from a real company like us and earn a commission. They even want to make a commission for carrying a dead body, which is ruthless. So, we request you to avoid using their services and call the owner directly.

We at Ambulance BD have been providing numerous ambulance services all over Bangladesh since 1988. It is our only business, and we are not involved in any other business. We always adhere to the words, “Honesty is a great virtue.” So, we strongly disagree with the idea of signing with a third-party service to get more trips or money.

Call us directly to receive immediate service and also a 20% discount off the fare!

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