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Coffin Box

Coffin Box

With this ambulance provider, you get the fastest service in Bangladesh. A quick ambulance is needed not only to save the life of a seriously injured patient but also in case of a dead body, which starts decomposing fast. This is why this service offers high-quality coffins that help transport the dead body in safety. The coffins are durable, made of reliable materials, and available in many sizes and designs to satisfy the need of relatives that order them to ensure a decent burial of the person that passed away. The main material used to manufacture the coffin box is bamboo, which is easily degradable and friendly to the environment. The bamboo frame is extremely durable, able to resist the big mass of the human body. At the same time, bamboo is resistant to rain and hot weather, so if you have a burial ceremony on a hot and sunny summer day, the coffin will maintain its appearance and will not discolor.

The coffins offered by this ambulance service are available in two shapes: traditional and round, giving the opportunity for customers to choose the coffin type that they like more. The size is also important for a coffin. This is why this supplier of ambulance services gives the chance to select the size of the coffin box that corresponds to the size of the dead body. If you are afraid that the dead body is too big or too small to find a corresponding coffin to it, you don’t have to worry. You have access to a variety of 8 sizes for adults. Moreover, if a child passed away, the customer has also the chance to choose from two coffin sizes for children. The ambulances that carry the coffin are fast and large, providing a place not only for the coffin box but also for the relatives that sit next to the dead body.

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