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Ambulance BD is the sister concern of Al Amin Ambulance

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A medically-equipped vehicle, an ambulance transports patients to hospitals or other treatment facilities. In the ambulance, out-of-hospital medical care is typically provided to the patient.

Emergency medical services use an ambulance as part of the response to medical emergencies. Because of this, an ambulance typically has to flash sirens and warning lights. Paramedics can rapidly be transported to the scene. Emergency care administration and the equipment can all be contained within the vehicle. Many ambulances, including the kind in Dhaka Bangladesh, use a pick-up truck or van design. Others can even take the form of boats, easy bikes, buses, cars, or motorcycles and etc.

The local conditions need to be taken into account by an ambulance. Good roads are necessary for an ambulance to be able to arrive on the scene and get patients transported on time. All-terrain vehicles or four-wheel drives can be used in rugged areas. To maintain the vehicle, service facilities and fuel must be available.

Methods of dispatching or summoning an ambulance relies usually on equipment that is electronic. Often, this depends on a power grid that is intact. In the same way, modern ambulances equipped with cellular telephones or two-way radios enable them to notify or get in touch with the appropriate hospital to inform them of the pending arrival. In the case where doctors do not form part of the crew of the ambulance, these communication devices enable the staff within the ambulance to confer with a doctor for medical guidance.

Like all emergency vehicles, an ambulance needs to be able to operate in most conditions of the weather, including those in which civilian drivers are kept off the road. The responsibilities of the crew within the ambulance frequently preclude their use of devices for safety such as a seatbelt.

In Dhaka, the ambulances are designed to meet the conditions of the locality using available technology. In regions subject to flooding, there may even be four-wheel-drive ambulances that can cross any terrain. These ambulances can provide a level of care that varies between just providing a medical clinic’s transport to providing continued care and on-scene care during transport.

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